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I am currently leading the development of software for the iPlant Collaborative. I seem to be attracted to NSF funded and non-profit sectors and enjoy building quality software at lower cost despite the obstacle of not being challenged to do so by business drivers. The iPlant Collaborative is fundamentally different from research projects funded by the NSF in part due to our charge to build production software in support of research rather than to do the research itself. I enjoy my role contributing to the defintion of that new funtion.

In previous positions, I have done contract consulting and led development of commercial software, but one of my most memorable experiences was when I served as the software system architect and development lead for a small, agile team of engineers tasked with delivering a growing system for the next-generation management of National Optical Astronomy Observatory data collected at three ground-based observatories as a part of their participation in the National Virtual Observatory effort.

I have been employing Agile practices since the late 90s, designing and developing using the SOA paradigm since 2001, and working in metadata integration technologies since that same year. These topics have captured most of my time and interest and are what I've written and spoken about most over the years. These days, though, virtualization and cloud technologies are topping my list as I am convinced that there is far more than hype to be gained if a sensible approach is employed.

In addition to what is approaching my fifteen years of experience in IT, I have also earned both undergraduate and Master degrees in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Wilmington and North Carolina State University, respectively.


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